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It’s about bringing product to market

When life was a lot simpler, Saai Media would bring their goods to a central market where the local cities would come to either buy the goods or trade them for their own wares. Saai Media would then return home with the revenue generated. The cycle would then repeat itself. As long as people had something of value, they could ‘get into the market’ to have their needs met.


What can we do? Why we are Unique!

Social Media Optimization &

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Page will be created/Modified/Optimized.

  • Set the pages to look like Brand page  Customized.

  • Relevant content, Hashtags, and Phrases with a higher chance of people search.

  • Engagement Metrix, improvement and optimization.

  • Likes, Followers, increased on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, (We add up to 500+ Likes/Followers)

  • Server high target & Ad Campaign Multi Promotion.


Distribute Your Content

  • Independent film production and distribution companies discuss the pros and cons of selling to Netflix and Amazon.

  • Netflix pays more for movies in general and can give smaller films a long time in the limelight.

  • However, Amazon has a better reputation among filmmakers for being able to handle awards-related marketing pushes and putting movies in theaters.





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